3 Simple Steps To Success In Information Marketing

Pleasing all the customers on your list could very well be impossible, mainly because everyone is different and what is good or motivational for one customer may not be to another. However, if you follow these three simple steps you will find that you can create very loyal, life-time customers that will make your business prosper even in the worst of times.

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1. Stop Trying To Sell To Your Customers

In general people like to think they make all their own decisions. When someone purchases a product or service they want to feel as though it was their decision. They don't like to be "sold". Do you like pushy salesmen? Have you ever met a person who did? However, the low-key guy or gal who helps you discover what you are looking for and provides you with information that allows you to make an informed decision is most likely the one you will want to deal with. Another phenomenon is that the low-key sales person will not necessarily make as many sales as the pushy salesman (initially) but they WILL make many more repeat sales to the same customers. Which salesman would you want to be?

If a customer walks into your business or in our case surfs to our website, it's a good chance that they are already considering a purchase. Even when people "window shop" they are in the buying mode. You don't have to "sell" them. All you have to do is "help" them.

Helping them can come in a number of ways. You could provide them the benefits of a certain product or maybe you can compare two similar products. The key is to keep your focus on your customers needs. If you can get your mind to always be in the "serve my customer's needs" mode then you will be successful no matter what you sell.

2. Make Their Purchase a Sure Thing

It doesn't matter whether you are buying online or offline there is a risk to every purchase. They higher the price tag the higher the risk. I can guarantee you one thing, your customers are looking for a product that satisfies a need. When they locate a product that they think fits the bill they ask themselves a question. The question is, "Is this worth it?" Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no. If you can satisfy the "worth" question then you have made a sale.

It's a fair question. How many times have you purchased a simple $27 item to find that it was not worth the time you spent reading it? There are so many scams and people who will take your money an give you trash. After a few of these lessons, your customers become much more wary about the purchases they are willing to make and who they are willing to make them from. Now they begin looking for someone or something in which they can trust.

This is where one of your tools, the money back guarantee, comes in. It helps to alleviate much of the concern that your customer may have. The stronger the guarantee the more peace of mind you create in your customer. Letting your customer know that they aren't stuck holding the bill will give them a sense of trust in your product and in you.

Customer testimonials are also a great way to tell "would be" buyers that your product or service is exactly what you say it is. Satisfied customers are one of your best options, but don't use testimonials carelessly. Provide clear and specific testimonials, and include as much about the customer as you possible can, in order to lend credence to the testimony. If you can get a video testimonial then this is even better.

3. Make It Easy

Have you ever noticed there are convenience stores on nearly every street corner? Why do you think this is? I'll tell you why. They are simple, easy and convenient. Another thing you will notice about convenience stores is the price. They are almost never the cheapest option. This is a great testimony to the fact that quick and easy often overrides a better price!

So make the buying process as simple as possible. Give your customers as many options as is reasonable in order to purchase your product. Remember, not everyone prefers the same method. Some people love PayPal while others hate it and would rather buy someplace else than be forced to use PayPal. The more options you have available, the more customers you will please and the more sales you will make.

As important as value is when marketing your product, don't forget to point out the quick, fast, and easy benefits of your product.

If you keep these 3 tactics in mind as you grow your business you will increase your customer list and then you will watch your profits soar.

What do you think of this article? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any other ideas or comments that would benefits our readers? Please give us your comments in the box below.

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