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Tips for a Web Designer about the Design of Email Distribution

If you're using AWeber autoresponder tool to put up your email marketing business with, you don't need to read this article But if you don't heres 9 tips to make your emails stand out from the crowd!

Paper and screen are different. You have to think of that many of the recipients have small displays. The newsletter must be visible on all screens without having to scroll sideways. I recommend doing all the mailings 600 points wide then it works for most people.

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Designing your newsletter so that it is OK to print. It is more common than you might think that the recipients do print for subsequent reading (maybe on the way home from work). It is therefore important to keep a fairly narrow page width. A good tip is also to add a printer.

Hold down the size of the logo and other graphics in the top of the email. Many use namely the preview of their e-mail reader and this small space is crucial for their interest to be sued or not. Opt instead to make them see a few lines of text that entices them to open the email in full.

Add images to the Web server. By doing so, and do not attach pictures as attachments in the mailing saves time and capacity at both the receipt and delivery. In addition you'll avoid attachments disappear in virus filters on the way to the recipients.

Simple code enables more people to receive and read the message as intended. If you can keep the HTML code as "basic" as possible do it. Even if your message looks excellent in the newly installed Outlook on your computer that does not mean that it's equally good on all platforms some email programs cannot for example deal with all the JavaScript correctly. In short, if it's possible to create simple and "clean" code to the HTML document, do it.

Keep it friendly and diverse. I am often asked "What can I really do in a newsletter?". The answer is: almost everything. Almost everything that technical work on a normal html web page can be done in the e-mail distribution. Flash, forms, and musical works such as excellent for most recipients. Think after a few extra times before you put music into a message. It does not always work so well for the receiver in open offices. The sound interferes with their colleagues

Always link so your subscribers can forward the newsletter, unsubscribe and subscription to the newsletter. Why subscribe? Well because it has received the newsletter sent to him simply to become regular subscribers. Other information that's always good to have in the newsletter is to clearly print the e-mail address that the newsletter is sent to.

Thanks to each mailing can be generated by such a database it's possible to create mail pieces that are both attractive as active and adapted to each receiver. Its easy to provide each mailing with pictures and contact information for the recipient's contact person at your company, or a link to an individualized orders page all to make the content as attractive and relevant as possible. But don't forget: the further from a simple HTML or plain text format to work technically, the more recipients might have problems viewing the content as intended.

Test your design in several different environments. Do you work a lot with IT in general or the Internet in particular, you are surely familiar with "Murphy's Law": Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This obviously includes the e-mail distribution and the design of these. Before you send something "sharp" to your entire customer database, be sure to have tested the mailing of at least a handful of receivers and get their OK that it looks like it should. That way you can easily protect yourself against errors, misses and embarrassment.

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