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Document management software is a computer application which functions to create, manage, modify, and store digital data. It is also able to track document history to find out the latest people who modified it, view created/edited documents by other users, etc. In this modern era, document management software is also available web-based. All users can access the application as long as connected to internet. In this article, we're going to discuss online document management software from Zoho specifically.


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This software has plenty of powerful features, such as:

    • Document management and tracking. Users can manage their documents and keep them in track online, including documents creator and modifiers. Documents, spreadsheets, and slides/presentations are three file types that can be managed and tracked on this app.
    • File storage. Zoho online document management software has a feature that enables users to store their personal or business digital data online. All users have to do is uploading their files/folders using their own accounts. Bulk files upload is also allowed.
    • File sharing. By using this software, users can share their files online privately to other team members if they want to show or inform something to other users. The files will be shared as links or via emails directly from the app.
    • Task management. Last but not least, Zoho offers great online collaboration tools to let users delegate and assign jobs to others. They can see upcoming, ongoing, and completed tasks easily.


With all the features, Zoho online document management software is obviously beneficial for the users. Another benefit of using Zoho software is it's cost-effectiveness. Since it is web-based software, users aren't required to install it on the computer/device. Moreover, it can also be accessed anytime and anywhere. Another benefit is it's integration. Yap, Zoho online document management software can be integrated to your smartphone or tablet for convenience management.

Get started

To get started using Zoho online document management software, users can directly sign up for free by filling valid email address, choosing passwords, and agreeing the terms and services. The free plan gives 1 GB storage, 1 workspace, and 24/7 support. There are some plans, like Standard ($3/user) with 10 workspaces, 2 GB storage, and much more features. If you need more storage and features, choose the Premium plan ($5/user).

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