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Yesterday, I had a great experience on Delta Airlines. I stepped on the airplane and Claudia, the flight attendent, immediately greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me aboard. I barely sat down in my bulkhead seat when she asked me if she could put my bags in the overhead bin. As soon as we hit 10,000 feet, she arrived at my seat and asked if I needed my bag or anything from the overhead. Later, I was thirsty. She gave me a soft drink3 times. Every encounter included an offer to serve me with a smile that made me smile. She went out of her way to make my flight as pleasant as possible.

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As the plane was descending into Cincinnati and she was buckled in for landing, she announced to the passengers, "You will always be special to me." That got our attention. She began to cry and continued, "This is the last flight of my career. I have loved my job and will miss being with you." That little ComAir Jet erupted in applause for her. She is special lady and I think ComAir will miss Claudia, too.

Claudia reminded me that we need to treat every day as a blessing. Every day is a gift from God. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in "making it through the day" we forget that the day is a blessing. If our goal is simply to survive the day to get to the next one, we will find ourselves at the end of days having simply survived rather than having truly lived.

Claudia also reminded me that there is a joy in serving others. Claudia was going to miss the blessing of serving her passengers. It was obvious, she was savoring every last drop of joy from serving people like me. Too often, we think of serving someone else as postponing my own pleasure. In reality, when we take our focus off ourselves, serving the needs of others provides it's own special joy.

I want to live every day with a sense of blessing, expectation and gratitude. I want to live every day recognizing that each day is a gift from God, not taking even a single day-gift for granted.

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