The 5 Most Important Job Interview Strategies

In this economy even getting the opportunity to sit in for a job interview can be viewed as something of a gift. While the position may be upper-level and the tasks may be complex, getting the job interview strategies correct always gets down to the most basic issues.

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Dress the Part

You would not show up for dinner at a 4-star gourmet restaurant in a t-shirt and shorts; don't show up for an upper-level management interview in cargo pants and a polo shirt. Dress the part and you'll carry yourself scores better.

Come Prepared

You would hate to get up in front of your interviewer and draw blank. Practice the interview questions that you feel you might be asked the night before in a mirror or with your spouse. Like they told you in kindergarten, practice makes perfect.


One of the worst things you can do anywhere is waste someones time. The simpler the better. Interviewers don't want to be left with a bored impression of you. Go in, introduce yourself, ask a question or two, be charming, but be brief and get out of there. You want to be the one that the interviewer remembered and wanted to see more from.

Follow Directions

Maybe one of the most important job interview strategies is to listen well, take and follow direction. If they say to bring a resume, bring one; if they say dont, dont. If the interviewer asks you to sit in a certain chair, do it! These simple things which may not seem like that big of a deal can be killers when the interviewer is making their first impressions of you.


A final note about the interview process; just relax. Interviewers see tons of people all the time; you don't want to stand out in a negative way. You have to walk that fine line of being memorable, but not too memorable, confident, but not cocky, and skilled, but not arrogant. The job interview process is like meeting people for the very first time. Use all the skills you have learned through your years of meeting and interacting with people to show the world the most confident, most accomplished version of yourself.


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