Wendy the Cat Wendy Appreciates Canned Food

Last week I was at Zellers buying cat food and noticed they had a special offer of two free cans if you purchased a bag of dry food. At the checkout line, I discovered the price of the dry food was far higher than I could have imagined, but I bought it anyway because you can't really put back an item when you have only one item, can you? Maybe a more assertive individual would have. But it was worth it, I think, to see Wendys reaction. Wendy doesn't get canned food too often, becauseits complicated. See, the soft food is good because it has fewer carbs and helps with weight control for fat indoor felines, but crunching on the hard food actual cleans their teeth and helps prevent gum disease and whatnot. You know, in India, they feed the cats rice and lentils, which is probably why the cats always look so sad there.

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When you open the can of food, the can opener makes a drrrrrrrrrrrr sound, which alerts Wendy to the forthcoming meal. Even if the can you are opening is not, in fact, cat food, she will come near your legs and harass you and give you beseeching looks. Often I have had to hold a can of pineapple in front of her to smell and realize that it's not for her. But if it is her food, she will wind around your legs and purrrrrr and then she will take small bites and take a break and walk around the room and then get all excited again and purr some more and for the whole rest of the day she will purr until she is nothing more than a purring ball of sound. And, I mean, I get a lot of joy out of food, but not like Wendy does. Wendy really knows how to live, I think, how to appreciate the simple things. If you scratch her cheek, she melts into a liquid cat puddle; if you say, Wendy! in an excited voice, she reflects your enthusiasm with perked ears; if you introduce her to a patch of sunlight on a carpet, she will roll and roll on it for hours, with no thought of the sun ever setting.

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