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On October 1, 2008, we walked into our pediatrician's office for Dylan's 18-month check-up. The weirdness began when we stopped at the scale. Dylan was a big baby (10 lbs, 4 oz) who had always been at the 99+ percentile for weight, yet the scale showed he had lost weight. Melissa and I mentioned our surprise at his weight loss, given that he had been relentlessly eating and drinking for weeks. As a result, he could barely go an hour without a diaper change. As a precaution, our pediatrician took what would be the first of many finger pricks. The blood sugar meter read "error". A second test was done with the same result. There was a slim chance that the meter was broken, but there was a greater chance that Dylan's blood sugar was so high that the meter could not read it. Our doctor drew some of Dylans blood to send to the lab for analysis and instructed us to go home and pack for the hospital just in case. This was the moment we realized the seriousness of his situation.

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After being home for about 40 minutes, we received the call from our doctor. The lab tests confirmed that Dylan's blood sugar was nearly 800 and he was very sick. He had juvenile, or type 1, diabetes. She instructed us to head towards the hospital while she called to arrange our admission. Once through the admission process, we made ourselves comfortable in the room as the nurses started the various poking and prodding that was necessary for our son. As we sat in that hospital room with Dylan all we wanted was to make it all better for him. All we wanted was a "normal" life for him.

Over the next two days in the hospital, we learned what would become his new daily routine. Dylan's routine would involve careful monitoring of his food intake, along with at least four finger pricks and three insulin shots everyday. Counselors, dietitians and certified diabetes educators we're in and out of our room non-stop. As the nurses we're able to bring Dylans blood sugar down rather quickly, we had the notion that the two days we're more for our educational crash course in diabetes care than to get Dylan out of DKA. At that time we had no idea of the magnitude of the changes in all of our lives. Once released from the hospital, we quickly realized that none of our lives would be the same.

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