Moving Back to Indiana: What Happens When Fiji Ends Early?

I really wrestled with what was the right thing to do. What was God calling us to do. What was "best" for the family. In the midst of that wrestling God spoke to me I was struggling with not feeling like we had completed all we had hoped for in Fiji especially in us (individually, as a couple, as a family).

STOP in YOUR TRACKS Moment with GOD in this process early January I called you to Fiji. That was the first step. I didn't tell you how long, what all you would do or not do. I just asked you to go. ONE STEP. Everything else you are wrestling with are things you have added onto my calling. GO and be obedient to that. (Isaiah 30:21)

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What God? Really, but..what about all we hoped for us as a family? The ministry? Writing that book? How will we explain to people leaving early? and on and on

God patiently waited for my cries of incompletion to be completed then responded. Just because it's not how YOU THOUGHT (Isaiah 55:8-9) it would turn out doesn't mean those areas aren't being changed. Fiji is a beginning, not an ending. It has started things in you and the family that will be continued when you come home and beyond that (Philippians 1:6). Remember, I called you to STEP ONE.

The truth is, in this process what we have come to know and trust in more than ever is the moment by moment leading of the Holy Spirit, and that God is far more concerned with us, with us now, with us now here in this moment than 6 months from now, 6 years from now, and so on.

As I reflected on all this human nature desires a plan, a structure, and finds security in the plan and knowing. I desire a plan, structure, and a next step. God values trust and obedience. The rest Follows and FLOWS from that!!! (Trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus know, you are glad you can't hear ME sing it!!)

I wonder how many times Abraham put plans into place and was trying to figure out what was next in the midst of figuring out GO to the land I will show you (Genesis 12). OR, in the years that followed I will make you into a great nation, but he was childless. We will come back to Abraham in another post..

Maybe the next STEP is just that. ONE STEP in some seasons. Not two, three or four, but the NEXT STEP. Live in the fullness of that step; God will show us in time what the next steps are (Matthew 6:25-33).

So what's next for us? Coming home. We don't have a home, a car, furniture, or most of everything that makes up the every day. Coming home. ONE STEP. And that is all we know.

We have NO DOUBT called us to Fiji. The signs, confirmations, and the like were remarkably strong. We are so thankful for the year we will have spent here and the lessons we have learned together and for our kids have been invaluable. Some of those will come in a later post

For now we finish up our commitments here and prepare to return to Indiana . That will begin another stage in our journey.

BUT how about you? What is the One Step you know that you know God has called, is calling, and wants from You? Will you do it? Would you allow Him to stretch you at work? On the street? At home? With your family?

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