This means that Duke has had to move into a high-tech world.

This means that Duke has had to move into a high-tech world. He now expounds his wisdom to us via facebook and twitter. And he continues to write and submit for publication and shares his triumphs and failures. I have to say, some of the facebook posts between he and Bee are downright gross. Makes one want to gag. All that mush. You would think they'd never once fought. You would think that it was nothing more than ahallucination on my partwhen Duke dropped Bee's favourite Snooky bear in the toilet. You would think that retaliation was nothing more than a word in the dictionary and not an action taken by one mortified Shepherd pup. I am sure that this, too, will pass as they move past the 'I miss you' stage of their separation and enter the 'siblings at a distance' stage. The bickering will return no doubt.

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That is the beauty of writing. It allows us to express our feelings. Our hurts. Our disappointments. Our ecstacies and joys. Our boredom and the shocking mundaneness of our lives. And social networking is the best and the worst of the tools of expression.

I have opted to monitor Bee's social networking sites. Not because I'm nosey but because I care. She has this strange belief that just because she has activated the privacy setting that what she writes will remain private. Not so. What has been created can be hacked. Just ask NASA. Or the banks. And so I caution her to use social networking as a means to promote her writing, a method to keep in touch with the Dukester in a casual way and a tool for finding information. I have warned her to keep person information confined to snail mail or face to face conversation. Letters are eventually thrown away. Words are forgotten. But the internet lives on to haunt us ad nauseum.

So as I sit and chuckle over the antics of Farmville and poking jockeyed back and forth between our canine scribes Imust remain on guard as to how far I will permit them--and myself--to inform what is quickly becoming an ever growing population of followers of all that goes on in their hairy, harried lives.

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