My Brother's Gastric Band Surgery

Our 21-year old son had problems concerning his weight; maybe he inherited the problem from my side of the family because my brother was obese too. My parents had my brother checked by a doctor and he had to undergo a gastric band surgery . It is a procedure that will put a band made from biocompatible materials in his stomach to lessen his food intake.

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The doctor will periodically adjust the band to limit the food intake gradually the doctor adjusts it to limit the amount of food but not too tight that the food can't get through. My brother's surgery was a success. He is now living a healthy life. So now that my son is having the same problem, we are going to bring him to doctor and ask if he could have that surgery, or other means of treating him, so he too could have a normal and healthy life just like my brother did. Hopefully my son will have success in his weight loss.

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