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“Thanks to PCe, we now receive consistent quality service. PCe assigned a dedicated IT manager to our account who is well versed in our systems and is able to assist us quickly and efficiently at a moment’s notice. PCe always responds immediately; this is a HUGE improvement from other companies we have used in the past. They are always energetic, helpful, and friendly. If you’re in the market for a new IT company, I would say choose PCe. They go over and above and provide exceptional service. You can count on them!”

Kerry M



IT Support - IT Services

“PCe consistency has been the biggest benefit. We used to have our IT managed by separate companies in each of the cities we do business in. PCe now manages all our locations and is helping us find ways to centralize and streamline our IT operations even more. Things just run much more efficiently now that we are managed by one IT company. Compared to the previous companies we worked with, we found that their expertise, customer service, pricing for equipment, whether we are purchasing or leasing, is very competitive. By working with PCe, it has made doing business much easier, and they continue to deliver on what is needed to ensure that our business always runs smoothly. If you’re on the fence about working with a better IT company, don’t hesitate to call them. The benefits of switching are well worth it.”

Cindy R

Vice President

Assisted Living & Healthcare

IT Support - IT Services

“With PCe, waiting for support is no longer an issue. They are very responsive and resolve any issues we report very quickly. Unlike many other firms in the city, they also fully support Mac environments, which was a big challenge for us, as many of the firms we interviewed offered little or no support. As a full Mac shop, working with a firm that had expertise with Mac servers was critical. After several years of working together, their rates still remain very competitive with a level of service and expertise that punches well above their weight class. I would recommend them without hesitation.”  

Tyler C


National Marketing Firm

IT Support - IT Services

“With PCe, we have a dedicated IT manager assigned to our account. Our PCe consultant understands our network inside and out and fully understands the integration between our various industry specific programs. We also have a secondary consultant who is equally talented in managing our account whenever the first is unavailable. Having a single point of contact that knows me, my staff, my company and my network is extremely important to me. Being able to trust the people who manage my data gives me peace of mind. I understand that there may be a need for general “support desk” services; however, that is not something I want for my company. There is nothing worse than having someone from a “support desk” mucking around blindly hoping to fix your problem; we do not have this problem with PCe. Their level of personalized service, in-depth understanding of our business, and their patient staff, present a level of professionalism with a calm, clear and dependable attitude in any situation. We love our IT guy! We look forward to seeing him come to the office, and we know we can depend on them every time we reach out. We are very happy to be a client of PCe. Quality work, Quality Company, Personalized service.”


Brent R


Van Line & Transport Services

IT Support - IT Services

“I can say that aside from their transparent cost-structure, their service excellence and knowledge has been a big improvement. What I like about PCe compared to other companies is that they are not constantly trying to sell me new products or services; they advise me on what I need and that’s it. Their service costs were more competitive than my previous company, and they are much easier to get a hold of, and they return messages and emails quickly and consistently. If someone was on the fence for using this service, I would recommend they meet with Peter. He is a business owner, and he understands the demands of small business. He can help come to a solution that can fit your budget and technical needs long term.”  

Dr. Rahul M


Dental Clinic  

IT Support - IT Services

“PCe has been able to smoothly handle the IT operations of two of our companies and company networks, and helped us determine and make sense of where to delineate and where to merge network operations. Their regular, on-going support and advice regarding new systems and applications has been valuable. Compared to companies I’ve worked with in the past, I like how PCe can explain technology in layman’s terms, which helps us understand issues and make better decisions, especially when it comes to how to use our systems more effectively. Their response to issues and queries is FAST! I would highly recommend them. ”  

 Katie P

Business Development Manager

Oil & Gas

IT Support - IT Services

“Since hiring PCe, aside from their support, I have enjoyed the transparency and straightforward nature of their monthly billing. Regardless of whether we have a busy or slow month, I pay one fixed monthly fee, and there are no hidden charges or surprises.  Whenever we call, they are very courteous and available to help. I am very happy I chose them as my service provider.”  


Dr. Camellia P


Dental Clinic

IT Support - IT Services

“Aside from ensuring that our systems are always up to date and maintained, we enjoy PCe’s transparency and clear communication. They advise us when we need to make changes and we are never surprised or left wondering.

Their ability to clearly communicate and their cost transparency has been a big improvement compared to firms we’ve worked with in the past, also we really like that they meet with us every quarter to ensure all our needs are being met.

Based on all the negative experiences we’ve had with previous firms, we’re happy to say that we’ve had no issues since switching to PCe, and admire their proactive approach to our technology and their high-level of organization, and professionalism. I highly recommend this firm!”    

Kathleen D


Accounting Firm

IT Support - IT Services

“As the CEO of a multi-national engineering firm, I have considerable IT demands that include a variety of specialized software products beyond the common MS Office suite, hardware demands that must always be fast and reliable, and operational requirements that accommodate office systems, remote systems, and constant replication of data at multiple sites. Over the years I have switched between outsourcing IT and having in-house IT professionals. Neither approach ever seemed adequate. About six months ago, I took a chance with PCe and I could not be more impressed or satisfied. Although personable, they are business-minded, and by that I mean focused on doing the job right; there is no nonsense or annoying maneuvering for business angles; they earn their money and my professional admiration by simply doing what they are paid to do, and they do it with enthusiasm, technical expertise, and, when asked, collaborative problem-solving. Over the decades, I have identified a stable of various professionals that I would bring with me to tackle business demands wherever I would go; PCe is a company that I would now include in that stable of go-to professionals. Although they are based In Calgary, they have expertly and enthusiastically supported my offices in Canada and my HQ in the USA seamlessly. They were consummate professionals in helping manage the transition from my in-house operation which involved a visit by them to my HQ where they quickly learned the corporate architecture, established local support agreements, and even did housekeeping for a very untidy server vault. PCe staff respond quickly and courteously to help-tickets submitted via their client software, which is configured to provide notice for privacy/security concerns of staff. Technical and accounting reports are timely, thorough, and accurate. I cannot give enough professional praise to this company, its President, and his staff. As they grow, I hope they never forget the basics that are the critical foundation of ongoing success and the inspiration for my review. Without reservation, I recommend this firm.”

 Peter B


Aerospace Engineering 

IT Support - IT Services

“The biggest difference we noticed was the quality of service. We now have a network system that is reliable and years ahead of the sorry state it was in just a few months ago. I went from worrying if we were even going to have a system to work in the next day, to finally being able to depend on it, and I now have a sense of security knowing that my company’s data is secure and no longer being held together by Band-Aids covering up years of neglect, which was constantly bringing us down.

 Compared to other IT companies and personnel we worked with in the past, it is refreshing to work with a company that truly cares. I am not referred to or treated as just an account number like so many others. I am treated with respect, and anytime I call, I am greeted with refreshing candor. I am never belittled by an arrogant IT person for calling in or reporting an issue which to them may be simple. This nature is consistent across their team; it encourages our staff to bring problems forward, whereas before many would prefer to  remain frustrated and live with a broken system instead of having to deal with the hassle of calling our previous IT.  

 They are courteous, knowledgeable, efficient and effective. Every time I call, I get a human. I don’t spend hours on hold, or get shifted between departments only to be left frustrated. They work around my schedule, and quickly and expertly resolve our problems. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, I am kept up to date every step of the way until the issue is resolved. I recommend PCe to other companies looking for IT Services without hesitation, and we look forward to continuing to work with PCe for many more years to come.”

Alex L

Office Manager 

Engineering Firm

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