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Managed Services

What are Managed Services?


Traditional IT Support shows up when things break. Either they manually monitor your system and find out that it broke, or you have to call them.

Managed services means outsourcing your IT needs on a proactive basis so things don't break in the first place.

Here's how Managed Services work

  • Monthly Fixed-Fee for IT Support & Help Desk Services. No surprises.


  • Proactive IT management and monitoring instead of reactive support


  •  24x7 Network & Server Monitoring with real-time reporting.


  • Customizable service plans to ensure that managed services fit your business and deliver a stress-free program made for your business.


  • Fast Technician response times so that you are never kept waiting.

Managed Service Plans

Bronze Plan

(Proactive Basics)

Silver Plan

(Proactive Plus)

Gold Plan

(Full Coverage)

Our small business plan, best suited

for smaller organizations with smaller



This plan provides all the basics

required for proactive maintenance

and additional services and support

that can be subscribed to on an "a la

carte" basis.

More details.

This is our standard plan that is suited

for companies of all sizes.


This plan includes all the services

included in the Bronze plan, as well as

critical software like company wide

anti-virus and backup software.


This plan also includes both on-site

and remote support for your staff

during business hours at no additional



To maximize cost savings for our

clients, we recommend this plan for

partners with 10 employees or more.

More details.

Our premium plan that includes all of

the services in both the Bronze and

Silver Plans and so much more!


Advanced backup software that allows

for complete disaster recovery.


This plan also includes security software

to protect your environment from more

than just viruses.


We recommend this plan for our

partners with more than 20 employees.


More details.

  • Sounds great! So how much do these plans cost?


    Due to the unique needs of your business as well as your specific industry needs, setup, the number of users, and

    your specific business processes, we ensure that we assess each of our prospective clients' networks in person before

    we provide a quote for monthly Fixed-Fee IT services. In our many years of experience, we have developed

    a proprietary formula that allows us to calculate the most cost-effective monthly Fixed-Fee program.


  • How much does the initial consultation cost?


    The initial consultation is complimentary.

  • Great! How do we get started?


    Great! We love meeting new people.  Click here to get started.

Need a Custom Plan?


As always, if any of these plans aren't quite right for you, we'll put a custom plan together that's made for your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss your company's unique needs.